Guillaume Jacques better known by his artistic name J.30000, is a self-taught artist from the city of Montreal, Canada. 
His artistic vision is deeply rooted in the intricacies of human relationships, society, and emotions, and his work captures a sense of nostalgia, freedom, and joy.  His ability to work across various mediums has allowed him to create a unique approach that seamlessly blends his love for fashion, art, and design.
J.30000's journey as an artist began as a teenage graffiti artist, honing his skills in rapid and efficient drawing techniques. His artistic trajectory then took an exciting turn when his local spray paint dealer invested in a vinyl plotter and heat press, allowing him to transfer his artwork onto garments. His passion for clothing eventually led him to study fashion marketing in Montreal from 2011 to 2015.
By 2015, he had secured a job as a screen printer at an artisanal studio, where he began to print his drawings onto both fabric and paper. Three years later, he joined a creative agency in Montreal, all the while dedicating his evenings to perfecting his art.
In 2021, J.30000 made the decision to devote his time entirely to his art, embarking on a journey of pop-up installations throughout Montreal's bus stops, which later expanded to Paris and New York. In 2022, he shifted his focus towards painting, which led to his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong in 2023, showcasing his skill and versatility as an artist.


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It's a dogs world, solo exhibition, Landmark Atrium, Hong Kong, March 2023

Bountiful, group exhibition, Quiet Gallery, Hong Kong, May 2023

Super Summer, group exhibition, Moosey Gallery, Norwich, July 2023